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Established in 2009, the Saskatoon Berry Council of Canada (SBCC) is a not for profit organization that represents the Canadian Saskatoon Berry industry. The goal of the organization is to create industry growth in domestic and international markets. This involves developing a market strategy that contains achievable objectives, and measurable benchmarks and milestones. Currently there are 36 members of the Council, representing 2.5 million pounds of production.


The Saskatoon Berry industry in Canada is comprised of 900 farms with Saskatoon Berry production on a total of 3,223 acres worth approximately $8.5 million to the Canadian economy.



Creating a space where all Saskatoon Berry growers can share researches, information and work together to build our industry. 


For all Saskatoon Berry growers to work as one in our industry and supply these great berries to the world!

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