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This is no ordinary berry! 

Because Saskatoon Berries look a lot like a blueberry, people think they should process them like a blueberry - that is not the case. 

Here is some tips in processing or cooking Saskatoon Berries: 

  • Saskatoon Berries have a thick skin so they don't release their natural juices during baking. Always  be sure to add a little water when making a pie or crumble. 

  • Because of their thick skin, Saskatoon Berries don't break down the same way as a blueberry. When boiling Saskatoon Berries to make a jam or a fruit compote be sure you don't overcook them. 

  • Saskatoon Berries have five to seven small seeds inside the fruit so if you crush the berries you might be making the seeds burst out of the fruit, which will make your product look seedy. 

  • If you want a smooth puree without a seedy texture, be sure to use a high grind setting on your food blender to break down the skin and the seeds. 

  • If you are using frozen Saskatoon Berries, be sure to thaw them in your refrigerator rather than at room temperature. This will prevent them from browning off. 

  • Want to enhance the flavour of Saskatoon Berries? Try adding a little almond extract or lemon juice. 


Saskatoon Berries can be used in almost every recipe that calls for blueberries, raspberries or cranberries. Browse some of our favourite recipes!  

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