Position the Health Benefits of Saskatoon Berries

SBCC provided a letter of support and allocation of funds to support Dr. Jim Fang Associate Professor of College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan, in his quest to help the Saskatoon Berry industry position the health benefits of Saskatoon Berries. He was awarded funding from the Agriculture Development fund to complete the project listed below. 

Longer-term health effects of Saskatoon Berries in the elderly - a placebo controlled study. 

Objectives - The specific objectives of this project...

1. To persuasively confirm the longer-term health effects of Saskatoon Berries 

We propose to conduct a placebo controlled, cross over 12 week study of health effects of Saskatoon Berries in elderly volunteers. Plasma, urine, and fecal samples will be used to evaluate improvement in markers of oxidative stress, inflammatory status, gut barrier integrity, and fecal microbiota composition. 

2. To promote Saskatoon Berries to mainstream consumers nationally and internationally 

The PI hypothesized that Saskatoon Berries may be a unique commercial fruit with a polyphenol profile favorable for anti-inflammatory effects (see Context). The proposed project would provide effective scientific evidence-based strategies to promote Saskatoon Berries as one of the few commercial fruits with anti-inflammatory effects. It would also lend support to the development of new cultivars of Saskatoon Berries. 

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