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Hey I received some questions from a member and he was hoping other members would be able to answer them and give him some advice. If you are able to answer any of these questions please either comment on here or contact him at

"We have an orchard that has been in fruit production for 30+years with very little pruning and no rejuvenation done.  We have been weeding and keeping the rows clean of trees, weeds etc.  We are now searching for some of the best ways to cut down and rejuvenate.  We are curious what machines/attachments others have had success with when cutting the orchard? What time of year is best to cut down?  Do we burn some bales or the bushes over the rows once cut down? What is the best way to weed while the Saskatoon's are coming back up up? We would love to start this process this fall.  We have 8 acres and wish to get established on a rejuvenation schedule.  Our idea has been to rejuvenate 1 acre per year over 8 years?"

Thanks members!

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