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The Manual for Growing Saskatoon Berries

Feb 22, 2023

The Manual for Growing Saskatoon Berries

In regard to a listing of Saskatoon berry related research that has been conducted in Saskatchewan, there is a search engine at:

If you use “Saskatoon Berry” in the search engine it provides the following results… please see:


Some research may not have “Saskatoon berry” in the title, and therefore may not be listed under that particular search.

A “Fruit” search returns more reports, and you may also find some Saskatoon berry specific information via searching for “Native Fruit” … please see:


In regard to Richard St-Pierre’s “Saskatoon Berry Grower Manual”; it is my understanding that Richard holds the right to that document.  In that case, in my opinion you would have to negotiate purchase and posting the manual from Richard.


The “Saskatoon Berry Production Manual” put together by Rob Spencer, Linda Matthews, Bob Bors, and Clarence Peters is available online at:$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex14362/$FILE/238_20-2.pdf

Your members could be referred to that document.


Barring satisfaction with the use of the “Saskatoon Berry Production Manual”, or if Richard is unwilling to allow his manual to be used; then I could enquire into the ownership of that document to confirm whether or not the Government holds any rights to it.

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