The Council will foster the growth and development of a sustainable, viable Saskatoon berry industry

Strategic Intents

  • Develop a believable and sustainable health position in the mind of the consumer
  • Develop a formal marketing and communications strategy based on the market research
  • Long-term science focused research to build the success of the industry
  • Process Saskatoon Berries to ensure continued growth of the industry
  • Establish sustainable funding for SBCC to carry out its mandate
  • Continue monitoring of regulations concerning functional foods and natural health products in targeted markets


A strategic industry supported marketing effort for Saskatoon Berries would open marketing channels, support expansion into export markets and help position Saskatoon Berries in the lucrative functional food market.

Objectives in Market Development

To contribute to the long-term success of the Saskatoon Berry industry in the functional food markets, the Saskatoon Berry Council of Canada has identified the following objectives:

  • Provide leadership in marketing of Saskatoon Berry health benefits, through promoting awareness and understanding of the health and nutritional benefits of berries as a collective whole that will, in the end, increase consumption of Saskatoon Berries
  • Positively position Saskatoon Berry nutrition and nutraceutical attributes
  • Promote and educate all stakeholders