Why Join the SBCC? 

  • Access to great research material and studies. 
  • Communicate with other growers and share tips and issues. 
  • Annual Meetings with great speakers. 
  • Access to the member only section. 
  • Working together to grow the industry. 


The Purple Report 

Below are some sample pages from our Purple Report. This book is a great advertising tool and has a lot of educational information from studies we have done on the Saskatoon berries. Hand these out to your clients! 

Sell sheet

New Website

With the launch of this new Website we are able to keep the public and members updated on everything that is going on in the Saskatoon Berry world! We have a new member only access part of the website where members can ask questions and get answers from other growers, share progress and issues and share news and studies that the SBCC is doing. We are able to successfully advertise our members and help our clients easily reach the grower closest to them. 

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