Prairie Berries was founded in 1993 with a simple but ambition goal: introduce the delicious, high in nutrients Saskatoon berry to the world. We grow, produce and promote healthy, great-tasting ingredients and gourmet products. Each Saskatoon berry tree is nourished by nature and cared for by environmentally conscious people. 

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Our products are simply made from Saskatoon berries and packed with the wholesome goodness of Purple Fuel. 

Online store is currently under construction. 

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Prairie Berries started with a small 10 acre orchard in 1993, and soon recognized the potential for growth in the Saskatoon Berry Industry. In 2007, Prairie Berries Inc. invested with a strategic partner to plant a 120 acre Saskatoon Berry orchard to help maintain a consistent supply of Saskatoon berries for domestic and international markets.



The integrity of the Saskatoon berry taste is protected through small-batch processing. 

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