Every PPS fruit tree is produced using a technique known as tissue culture. In this process, tissue is taken from one exceptional plant and is used as the basis for every plant of that type that we sell. Every Boreal Blizzard haskap plant is genetically identical, for example. This is true for all of our cherry, saskatoon berry and haskap varieties as well. The cloning process comes with a long list of advantages for orchard and home growers, including:

  • Uniform fruit. Fruit from every tree has a uniform size and flavour, and they ripen together for efficient harvesting.
  • Plants are healthy and free from disease.
  • Plants produce fruit earlier in their lifecycles and in larger quantities once they reach maturity.

PPS has shipped plants to locations across North America and into Europe. Over the years we have developed shipping techniques to ensure your products arrive safely at your door. For added flexibility, our plants are shipped in 2.5 inch pots. Once plants are removed from the shipping boxes, they can be kept in these pots indefinitely as long as they are given light and water.

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